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Icons Used on JMF's Naturist Links Page

Icons for Features and Services on Linked Pages

Note for those who are using non-graphical browsers (or have image loading turned off): Entries on my links page which appear as table entries are shown with icons in groups of five, representing features/services available at that link. The ALT image tag for these five-icon groups looks something like: [icons 11000] The five digits represent in that order, with "1" being Yes and "0" being No for each category. Here are the actual icons and more info on the categories:

[i for info]A page or web site with general information on nudism, possibly including discussions of nudist philosophy, common questions, and/or topics such as nudism and religion or women's issues.
[links]A page or web site with (more than two or three) links to other nudist pages or online resources.
[camera]A page or web site with (more than two or three) photos showing nudist facilities, or people enjoying non-sexual nude recreation.
[treasure map]A page or web site with site listings of places where nudism may be enjoyed, possibly including links to club web pages, maps, directions, and/or trip reports.
[cash register]A page or web site which offers merchandise of interest to nudists for online purchase, or a merchant such as a travel agent which caters to nudists.

Link Status Icons

[New]This link is a new listing for my site. You knew this one, right?
[Hot]A page or site that I think is especially good or noteworthy.
[?]This link was 404 or otherwise dead the last time I checked it. (Strike 1!)
[Dead]This link was dead the last time I checked it, and has been in question-mark status more than 45 days. (Strike 2!) If it's still dead the next time I check it, I will remove this link.

Last modified June 16, 2000.
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